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    New Leaf Art Studio is where I create and share my inspirations and art. My passion is painting. I use this energy to express visual memories and the emotions of my surroundings. I believe that art affects a viewer in a physical way. I hope to bring a response of memory, connection or a sense of well-being to those who choose to stop and look at my art.


Reflections I become aware of me In the reflections I see. Ripples move across the water Gently telling of life around. Light shines on the surface Revealing what is beneath. Sometimes just a glimpse Another time so very clear. Watching, seeing, knowing. – Karrie Baldwin  Original Oil painting by Karrie Baldwin ,  “Reflections of Aspen”, … Continue reading


Sky Poem

Sky Poem The last light of day warms the sky Revealing a final cloud To take comfort into the night for dreaming. – Karrie Baldwin  As the sun set this night, the last light touched me now and forever.  Original painting and poem by Karrie Baldwin, NewLeafArtStudio.com


  Colors change green to gold Penetrate my heart and soul Return next year more These original paintings by Karrie Baldwin will appear in the upcoming show, Small Works – BIG Talent, September 7 – 28. Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA http://www.laslagunagallery.com/#!upcoming/c1yyb

Landscape Song

Landscape Song Notes of beauty The picturesque landscape sings Waking and dreaming. -Karrie Baldwin The Haiku and this original oil painting by Karrie Baldwin, speak of the rythmic beauty of  the landscape.  Limited edition prints available through New Leaf Art Studio, http://www.NewLeafArtStudio.com Original oil painting, ‘Dandelion Fields’, 16″ x 20″, collection of the artist.

Summer Treat

Summer Treat Juicy, cool, refreshing, pink smiles. -Karrie Baldwin This 10″ x 10″ original oil painting, ‘Summer Treat’,  is available at New Leaf Art Studio http://www.NewLeafArtStudio.com

Oh to be Pink….

Oh, to be pink… Soft and lovely Pink fell on the land Trees, hills, rivers and me Bathed in pink Warm, cared for and loved Oh, to be pink… -Karrie Baldwin

Reaching and Releasing

Building Up Reaching higher today Gathering energy Changing shape A bird, an angel, a dream To finally release  And give relief.  -Karrie Baldwin 


It is early morning; the sun has not risen over the mountain behind me.  There is just enough light to paint.  The colors are delicate and subtle, yet rich.  My heart is warmed as  I pause to witness awakening of this day.   This moment reminds me to  pause  and observe my own awakening which … Continue reading

Flowing in Life and Painting

 Waterfall A veil blowing in the wind Falling free from above To find a path that flows with ease. Always moving, never the same from day to day, season to season. Splashing into a pool, reflecting the day To begin flowing again Remembering ease and the wind. – Karrie Baldwin   When I choose something … Continue reading

Group Exhibition: Landscape Painting by Top Utah Artists

I am excited to be part of this group show at the Slusser Gallery in Salt Lake City. The opening reception is Friday, September 21, from 6-9 pm